Colgate Palmolive India elevates Oral Beauty with Visible White Toothpaste

Chennai 18 October 2023: Colgate-Palmolive (India) Limited, a leader in oral care, is set to redefine oral beauty and teeth whitening with its innovative Colgate Visible White toothpaste. As part of Colgate-Palmolive’s ongoing agenda to enhance India’s oral health and beauty, the new campaign for Visible White aims to showcase the transformative impact of a whiter smile.


Colgate-Palmolive India recognizes the growing interest in oral beauty and is committed to offering products with cutting-edge technology that have relevance for the young Indian consumers.

Commenting on the new campaign, Gunjit Jain, Executive Vice President, Marketing, Colgate-Palmolive India said, “The beauty & grooming segments are exploding across categories. Millions of Indians are resorting to personal care products that help present their best versions to themselves and the world. However, when it comes to oral care, most of us continue to use the same toothpaste as the rest of our family. We’re content with the color of teeth that we have, failing to realize the transformative role whiter teeth and a beautiful smile can play. With Colgate Visible White, people can get whiter teeth and unlock a huge beauty advantage. It is already one of the fastest growing products in the toothpaste category and millions more can adopt and benefit from it.”
Colgate Visible White toothpaste starts whitening your teeth starting one week and enhances the beauty of your smile. The new campaign highlights the functional benefit of Colgate Visible White toothpaste through a series of humorous scenarios.

The ad film features a charismatic protagonist in various social settings, unassumingly captivating people with her radiant smile. Her exceptionally white teeth make others aware of their own, prompting comical attempts to conceal their own smiles using unconventional props. These reactions follow the protagonist as she enters a lift, an art gallery, a swimming pool, and even a wedding reception, emphasizing the power of Colgate Visible White to enhance one’s oral beauty.

Harshad Rajadhyaksha & Kainaz Karmakar, WPP@CP, talked about the campaign, “India has not seen specific teeth whitening products, so many are unaware of what Colgate Visible does. This story shows the power of this product through the effect it has on those who don’t use it. Written by Juneston Mathana and crafted into film by Abhinav Pratiman, this film will leave you with a smile on your face. So you better make sure it’s a great smile.

Running nationally, the Colgate Visible White campaign will be featured across various media channels, including television, digital, influencers etc. Additionally, in-store and e-commerce media will reinforce the message with the target audience at point-of-purchase.


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