Indian Bank organised Social Security Scheme Saturation Campaign

Indian Bank organised Saturation Campaign in two of its branches under the Government of India Social Security Scheme Saturation Campaign (from 01/04/2023 to 30/06/2023). The first camp was organised in Boh Branch in Karnal, while the second camp was organised in Lohsimbly branch in Chandigarh. Both the events were presided over by Shri Mahesh Kumar Bajaj, Executive Director, Indian Bank.

Shri Bajaj, during his address, emphasized the affordability of the schemes- Rs.2 lakhs life insurance cover at just Rs.436/- per annum and Rs.2 lakhs accident insurance cover at just Rs.20/- per annum – and exhorted all eligible people to avail the protection and its benefits.
Shri Bijay Kumar Sarangi, Field General Manager (Chandigarh), Shri Avnish Pradhan, Zonal Manager (Karnal) and Shri Rananjay Singh, Zonal Manager (Chandigarh) along with other senior officials of Indian Bank were also present during the occasion.


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