‘NATURALLY CHENNAI.’ Organic Exhibitions and Events… The scrumptious Millet based Lunch is Rs.1000/-

They have been successfully been having their organic exhibitions and events titled as ‘NATURALLY CHENNAI’ and their Eco lux travel ‘BEANSTALK TRAVELS.’ During Covid they started a club called ‘THE GREENIES’ when many people expressed interest to appreciate greening farming kitchen n terrace plants, energy renewable resource etc. Their interest in bringing more healthy options with organic products, healthier options to rice n wheat and sugar has gotten them to have this event on millets. (This year is celebrated as the international year of millets)Green Goddesses motto is to green planet Earth, one house at a time via knowledge on greening practices, farming, energy renewable resources, seminars, organic products, vegan fair, exhibitions, wellness weddings & travel.

The scrumptious millet based lunch is Rs 1000/- Per person. All are welcome to attend to understand how to cook tasty meals with millets.

To register for the lunch, contact Ms Indu +91 97109 47355

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