SBI Foundation’s Youth for India Program Welcomes Batch2023-24,DiversifyingRuralDevelopmentEfforts with 14 NGOs in 12 thematic areas

Madurai, August 8th, 2023 – SBI Foundation announces the induction of Batch 2023-24 into the renowned SBI Youth for India Program. The 13-month rural development journey welcomes a diverse and passionate cohort offellowswhowill worktowards creating positivechange in underserved communities across the nation. The Fellowship’s 11th Batch represents a powerful blend of perspectives and insights and will work with rural communities in thematic areas such as Health, Rural Livelihood, Food Security, Environmental Protection, Education, Water, Technology, Women’s Empowerment, Self-Governance, Social Entrepreneurship, Traditional Craft and Alternate Energy.

The SBI Youth for India Fellowship Program, a flagship initiative of SBI Foundation, aligns with the organization’s vision to improve the socio-economic well-being of the underprivileged members of society.Through this program, India’s youngminds connect withrural communities, understand their challenges, and work together to co-create sustainable solutions. The cohort brings together 64% of Fellowswhohavewealthofexperienceand freshperspectivestotackleruraldevelopmentchallenges.

Collaborating with 14 NGOs this year to work on development projects in rural areas, the fellowship program enables urban Indian youth to make a significant impact at the grassroots level. The Fellowship provides educated humanres ourcetocataly serural development and secureanequitable and sustainable growth path for India. In the past 10 years, the program has impacted over 1 lakh lives in 20 states.

Witnessing a pan-India talent pool, the Fellows hail from different regions of India for this year’s Youth for India program, with 18.2% from Southern India, 36.4% from Northern & Central India, 24.2% from Eastern & North-Eastern India, and 21.2% from Western India.

Mr.SanjayPrakash,MD&CEOofSBIFoundation,expressed”WewelcometheBatch2023-24ofYouth for India Fellows with open arms. Their diversity, passion, and commitment to rural development will be the driving force behind transformative changes in the lives of rural communities.” Sharing the program’s achievements over the past decade, Mr Prakash stated, “Over the past decade, the Youth forIndiaFellowshiphasempoweredmorethan520change-makers,workinginover200villagesacross 20IndianstatesandUnionTerritories,touchingthelivesofalmost1lakhcommunitymembers.Many of our alumni have become successful entrepreneurs or pursued higher studies at prestigious institutions globally.”

EncouragingtheyouthchiefguestDr.ChandraMohanB,PrincipalSecretary,TamilNaduCadre,Govt. of India said, “With the completion of 10 batches, the SBI Youth for India Fellowship programme has emerged as one of the most prestigious programs for nurturing development professionals in the country. It selects talented and passionate young professionals from multiple sectors and takes themon an immersive journey that involves attachments with some of the best grass root NGOs in the country.Inthisprocesstheynotonlytransformthemselvesbutalsoevolveasagentsoftransformation and change for the communities and people around them.”

M P Vasimalai, Founder &ED, DHAN Foundation shared his views and said, “All fellows should ask question ‘Who areyou?/WhoamI?’ Everyoneshouldinternalisethisandfindtheanswerforthisquestionandhave clarity on the ‘purpose of Life’.He mentioned that through this fellowship all of you ‘Explore’ and ‘Learn’ from the community and finally become a ‘Contributor’ & serve the poor. He shared the Philosophy of DHAN Collective where community is placed at the centre and all its interventions are workedtowards it.Asfellows /Development worker,we always havetowork asan ‘Enabler’ andnot as charity. We have to enable the community to be Self-Sufficient and Sustainable as their own.

The orientation program for the August Cohortof SBIYFI 2023-24 Batchwillbe held from August 7th to August 15th at Madurai, Tamil Nadu, hosted at the DHAN Academy Campus by our partner NGO, DHAN Foundation. During this intensive week-long orientation program, the new Fellows will be familiarized with the development sector and rural work culture, preparing them for their impactful fellowship journey in the coming year fostering positive social change.


SBIFoundation,theCSRarmoftheStateBank Group,iscommittedtoimprovingthesocio-economic well-being of underprivileged sections of society. The Youth for India Fellowship Program, one of its flagship initiatives, empowers young minds to collaborate with rural communities, fostering sustainable development and creating lasting impact.


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