Are you ready to face the horrors of Estate? Zee Tamil brings you the world television premiere of the terrifying Tamil film this Sunday

Chennai, 13th July 2023: Committed to bringing the best of Tamil entertainment to its viewers around the world, Zee Tamil has emerged as one of the most popular GECs. After entertaining the audience with several enthralling shows and movies, viewers are all set to experience spine-chilling thrills and supernatural encounters as Zee Tamil presents the world television premiere of the highly anticipated Tamil horror film, Estate. Premiering on Sunday, 16th July at 1 pm, only on Zee Tamil, Estate will take everyone on an epic and barbaric journey.

The story of ‘Estate’ revolves around a determined journalist and her colleagues, who embark on a perilous investigation into the haunted Covelone Estate. As they delve deeper into the mysteries surrounding the property, they unwittingly unleash a series of terrifying events that put their lives in danger. With a captivating narrative and expertly crafted scares, Estate promises to keep viewers at the edge of their seats from the start till the end.

Featuring popular Tamil actors such as Kalaiyarasan, Sunaina, and Remya Nambeesan in lead roles as well as Ashok Selvan in an extended cameo, the intriguing storyline of Estate will keep everyone at the edge of their seats. Director Karthik Vilvakrish also masterfully brings the story to life and has seamlessly blended elements of horror, suspense, and supernatural into one. The movie will definitely ensure a gripping cinematic experience that will spook viewers long after the credit roll as well. So, gear up to be enthralled, frightened, and utterly captivated by this exceptional Tamil horror film this weekend.

Don’t miss the world television premiere of Estate this Sunday, 16th July at 1 pm, only on Zee Tamil!


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