G20 meeting of Agriculture Working Group Concludes in Chandigarh

April 1 Chennai: Under India’s G20 Presidency the second meeting of the Agriculture Working Group (AWG) in ‘City Beautiful’ Chandigarh concluded on Friday, 31st March 2023. During the three-day meeting, India emphasized regional cooperation in friendly farming, digitization, food security, and nutrition in the agriculture sector. The G20 members also discussed challenges such as climate change, urbanization, and food waste during the meeting.G20 members drafted a release on the last day of the three-day Agriculture Working Group (AWG) representative meeting to address the needs of the four thematic areas related to solving problems in agriculture. The meeting ended with a local visit from the foreign delegation.

The meeting started with discussions on Agriculture Market Information System (AMIS) for Rapid Response Forum (RRF), wherein senior Economic and Statistical Consultant, Arun Kumar shared his views. He welcomed all the delegates to the 12th session for RRR and talked about timely evidence-based policymaking so that the concern of high prices of food grains can be removed.


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