Quotation Gand will be had hard-hitting realistic engaging story, says director Vivek K Kannan.

Speaking after the teaser of Quotation Gang was out, Vivek K Kannan says, ‘The basic idea was to come up with a project for OTT. As we started to write, I realised it could be a perfect theatre material.’

‘It is not a movie about gang war, but captures the emotions of those in Quotation Gangs. Paid killers. Quotation can be referred to as the money quoted for doing murder’. It is not all action, but emotion and events from the lives’.

It is a hyperlink emotional drama and the story happens in Chennai, Mumbai and Kashmir. We shot in touch conditions during Covid itself, he adds.


I was supposed to work in a project with Priyamani already and when I narrated the story, she was impressed with her role that she readily  agreed to do it. And it got a Pan India colour with JackieShroff on board, says the director.

Sunny Leone has given an intense performance.  Credit goes to her for dedication and effort to excel. Sara Arjun will be seen in an different avatar, he says and adds, ‘The highlight of the movie would be international  percussionist Drums Shivamani’s music. He has given flesh and blood to the teaser itself’.

On his part, Shivamani says, ‘We both are from noth Chennai. Hence I could under his vision better. I grew up in my area watching gangs and their fights. When  the trailer was shown, I decided to use our local music with flavour – Othai Adi. The percussion in it added necessary emotion to the riveting drama.

The music would play an  integral part and we have also planned a few songs, adds Shivamani.

Shot by cinematographer Arun Bathmanaban, the film has music by Drums Sivamani and KJ Venkataraman has handled the edits. The film also stars Ashraf Mallissery, Jaya Prakash, Akshaya, Pradeep Kumar, Vishno Warrior, Sonal khilwani, Kiara, Satinder, Sherin.


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