Science 20 Conference on Clean Energy for a Green Future begins in Agartala!

Tripura played host to the second meeting of the Science20 engagement group for a two day conference from 3rd to 4th April. The theme of this Science20 meeting is ‘Clean Energy for a Green Future’, in which 70 Representatives from across the world are taking part part.

On the first day of the conference, India emphasised that efficient clean energy can be accessed only through scientific progress. Therefore, to achieve success in this direction, India gave the message that new developments in clean energy, science, and technology are required. We all need to build a just, sustainable future with innovations and have to work together.Principal Scientific Advisor to the Government of India, Mr. Ajay Sood in his introductory address flagged that the world is faced with unprecedented issues which require immediate action to save the future. He said that these issues cannot be postponed any further. Mr. Sood said that three sub-themes will be discussed in the conference, namely, the one about the green hydrogen that has been catching the attention of countries the world over. He said, how ocean-based technologies can help mankind to harness the vast amount of energy through tidal currents and new generation energy storage tells that we need to think beyond lithium electro-chemistry.


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